• Arinzechukwu Patrick

Against all odds

Against all odds the journey of Surf Ghana Skate Tour Gh II started today, with good vibes and camaraderie amongst collective members. The day started with jokes and laughter, a usual ritual observed by the crew to break the ice and then almost immediately, skate tricks by pro members that counted as lessons for beginners, on the streets of Osu.

After that, when it was time to leave, a sombre feeling of deep appreciation to be on tour again rested on the crew.

A quick look at the first skate tour, it was a coming together of talented strangers collected by Surf Ghana and united by the love of skateboarding, and now Skate Tour II, it is a coming together of family members still united and passionate about their love for skateboarding. A manifestation of growth and development in the culture.

The first destination is Kwahu, for 2 days.

At exactly 6a.m. the crew set out from Osu and drove down to the Mile 7 skatepark where we picked up the rest of the crew who couldn’t make it to the meet up point, and then onwards to the mountains in the eastern region.

The journey was smooth and despite the usual police routine, we arrived at Nkawkaw, Kwahu in the morning around 11:49a.m.

We immediately headed to the first spot.

The impact of skateboarding is yet to be felt and the love is yet to spread. As skaters, we must always run into haters, and so we did. While at the first skate spot, a brief quarrel ensued between the property owner who frowned on pictures being taken. It was quickly solved and then we moved forward to another spot which received us with open arms and kindness.

It was encouraging to feel love from the community as the mission of Skate Tour Gh II is about showing and receiving love.

As members of the flat ground society skateboarders took advantage of the long curvy hills and bombed it endlessly, kick flipping and shuving to the amazement of onlookers who cheered and then came in for skate lessons.

Despite a rough start, against all odds we were able to enjoy the first day in Kwahu. It was a beautiful day and tonight we sit under the heavens, watching the stars as cold winds pass through our lungs. Tonight we reminisce about the past tour and talk about the goodness of the day, enjoying a beer amongst each other and staring at silhouettes of the trees in the mountains as insects and crickets chirp louder than bull frogs calling at each other.

The beauty of Ghana.

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