• Arinzechukwu Patrick

Land HO, Land NO!

There are people who stare at you blankly when you talk about skateboarding. They look at you trying to make out the meaning and when none is forthcoming, they stare at your board and wonder why it is so important to ride it in the scorching sun. 

Why is skateboarding so important to kids these days, why is the news of skateboarding so grand that Surf Ghana had to travel all the way from Accra, 9 stops, to spread the message of skateboarding? Sometimes they laugh, the locals, it is a joke and they don't get it. 

We took it to the streets in Ho, we could not get any permission to teach skateboarding in all the areas and schools we visited and since we are about peace and progress, we used what we had to get what we wanted. 

Being in the East of Ghana meant being in the mountains, which meant that since we did not have flat ground, we had to forget teaching and bomb the thrill hills.

The first day in Ho was not as smooth as we expected and so the plan was to leave immediately. It is really hard for our collective to go to a place and leave without any opportunity to teach the kids how to skate and so we were a bit sad, but, when it seemed like all hope was lost, the kids saved us.

One child who seemed really interested in Skateboarding in Ho reached out to Gnarly Smalls, leader of troops skateboarding in Kumasi (Nana Osei Asibey Sarpong) for some lessons. It was this curious child that showed us a skating area between streets where cars do not pass through on Sunday.

We commenced tutorials immediately on arrival, no music or ceremony as is our normal procedure when teaching the kids.

One thing of note is, the speed in which kids grasp the concept of skateboarding humbles us all the time in the collective, it gives hope for the future generation of skateboarders in Ghana. 

Development can come from pioneers but expansion will come from the leaders of tomorrow. 

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