• Arinzechukwu Patrick

Roots Rebels are making it green, they are making it nicer.

We are in the jungle, surrounded by interlocking trees, crickets chirping in harmony and a natural mystic in the air. All thanks to Roots Rebel. One year later since our last visit to Peki for the Skate Tour and Roots Rebel is still the first of its kind in Ghana. One year later and we still feel the nostalgia of the past from when we first visited the rebel family. They have grown in size and in number. Roots Rebel have always been big supporters of Surf Ghana and this year, just like last year, they invited us and hosted us, shelter and food. It is a big pleasure, however brief, we stay for one day.

We arrived Peki from Akosombo yesterday at night and quickly settled into the house designated for us. Today, we had the skate event and taught the available kids until we were sweaty and smelly. After our usual fun day, we headed back home to eat rice and prepare for our journey further into Ghana to spread the word of skateboarding.

In Peki we really feel the love of a Skate Fam and so we always love to come back. Especially to see the skate brothers Solomon and Marcus who represent the Roots Rebel park. Roots Rebel is an eco-based organization that focuses on natural ways of living and they are also into a lot of recycling and reusing. If you’ve heard of bamboo bicycles in Ghana then you must have heard about Roots Rebel. It has been in existence since 2015 and since then the skaters have trained to expert level at their skate park, a volleyball court integrated with a mini skating bowl and three turned into a skateboarding area. It is located in the complex of the local government school.

The whole project was built by the youths of the community around the same time Roots Rebel started existing.

To let you know? the Rebel family are leaving back to the United Kingdom. We are sad to see them go. We are sad because they’ve have contributed tremendously to skateboarding development in Ghana, they recycle and care about the environment we live in, they support us in everything that we do and, With very little money and a lot of heart, Roots Rebel provided us with meat despite them being vegetarians, we appreciate this gesture a lot and wish to extend gratitude to our sponsor, Jacqueline.

Skate fam for life.

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