• Arinzechukwu Patrick

Skateboarders in Keta needed representation.

There are Skateboarders in Keta, they just needed to know they are not alone. The tour means a lot because Surf Ghana arriving in Keta strongly felt like a much-needed representation, and for the Locals to learn that we came all the way from Accra, it was energizing for them.

Keta is an area in the Volta Region of Ghana that is mostly covered with water and so we only intended to use the good half of us that are surfers. We even saw them, surfers, for ourselves on arrival, Black boys with black skins that reflected the sun in the water trying to tame the subtle waves.

The locals were friendly and receiving, and so it was easy for conversations to break free between crew members, and that was how we were able to locate flat ground despite all the sand.

There are skateboarders in Keta, they just needed to be shown a way to do it. About the skate tour, it is evident that we mostly teach kids skateboarding but in Keta, there were teenagers, many, eager to learn, and they took to it instantly and then became competitive in two seconds. 

Joshua Ganyobi was the coach of the day and as he spoke, they soaked in everything like a sponge!

We love healthy competitions between youths that promote the exercise of the mind and body, and so we tapped into the competitive nature and made competitions, we gave away prizes to winners and took pictures with the promise of returning, with more skateboards to leave behind so they can hone their skills. They were sad we were there for a day, but it was either two days in Keta or in Togo.

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