• Arinzechukwu Patrick

Surf Ghana is how to develop a new sport in a Country.

Akwamuman High School, Akosombo, Ghana

Sensationalism is a really great way to sell a brand to a particular demographic but doing tangible groundwork is the only way to develop anything. On tour, we really pray that the city we arrive in loves us or else our history will be dead in a month, and they really do love our visitations and want us to come back. It really occurred to me today in Akosombo that free skate lessons is like a wine tasting party that leaves you drunk and addicted, itching for more. So ask me, how many free skate lessons can we give, and for how long can we teach the kids that will be enough for the hunger they get after the first three minutes of riding a wooden board? Free lessons are like renting a bike for a child, he/she will never be satisfied until they own one. And when you buy a bike then the child will never be home, more out, honing the skill. Free skate lessons can never be enough for the youths of Ghana if access to skateboarding is not consistent, and even when the democracy comes, skateboarding in Ghana will not be satisfied but instead, it will expand more and develop enough to compete in the Olympic amongst other countries.

Akwamuman High school loved and appreciated our presence, despite being shy at first. We gave skate lessons for 2 minutes and then the students grasped the concept and began to teach themselves until everyone in the basketball court learned a few tricks. Especially the girls, they were not left out at all.

Winner of the Girl Skate competition, Akosombo Snr High,

The highlight of Akosombo had to be the only girl skateboarding race. But it wasn’t just the race that made the event fun, there were dance competitions and many other games that students won prizes in.

We know these kids will talk about the day we visited over and over again and then take it home to their parents and guardians who will have more power to change the face of skateboarding in Ghana for good. I don’t care what anyone says but Surf Ghana is how to develop a sport in Africa.

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