• Arinzechukwu Patrick

Water No Get Enemy

We left Kwahu as early as the sky being dark purple but motley with orange in the east, hinting the rising sun. We achieved a lot of positivity in Kwahu and the show must go on, so we took it on the road to Akosombo in the Volta Region. It is common knowledge that the good half of Surf Ghana is skateboarding and the other is surfing, so it is second nature for us to seek water after the first two days of hill bombing. Besides the regular stops by the Ghanaian police, it was a smooth ride to the Volta. 

We came for water but members of the collective wasted no time in cruising down the Adomi bridge road, the river by their side. After that, we headed to our designated guest house situated by the water. It wasn’t water, we used wines to celebrate Faou’s birthday on a round table, at the docks. We did the dance, played music chairs Faou Sule is an active member of the collective as a coordinator and throughout the tour, she has been supportive so it was nice when her birthday was announced.

To let you know, today we didn’t do anything but skate, Jollof, sleep, repeat. Besides the mantra, other members busied themselves with recreational activities: Playing table tennis, pool and Ludo. Water no get enemy. In Akosombo our souls are like water, cool and calm but with pressure on the goal. When we see a barrier in our path we try to flow through it and keep moving forward. Like water, we are aware of the wave we are creating and ripples our little effort pushes with talents that the water gave us. Tomorrow is another day, tomorrow we are being hosted by Akwamuman Senior School here Akosombo to give free skate lessons. 

When you’re around water you have to be calm, you can’t overwork around water, can’t go against the flow.

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